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At this website I present files and materials I want to make public.




HACK - Description added to topic navigation bar
Added 041001; News 1.2
Hacked topic navigation bar - description added
To add the above description, do the following changes:
1. Define a _NW_NAVINFO in langmain.php
2. Add a lang variable assignment in index.php:
    $xoopsTpl->assign('lang_navinfo', _NW_NAVINFO);
3. Modify a template news.index.html
    - add <' <{$lang_navinfo}>
'> before form including $topic_select variable.

MyAlbum-P Polish translation
Polish language files for MyAlbum-P 2.83
version 040916

HACK - modified XOOPS News submitform
Modified form contains separate textboxes for intro and bodytext.
version 040904

Comments search module
A simple module which contains only a search function searching through XOOPS comments
version 1.01
- particular users' comments show properly - erroneous comment marks removed from search.inc.php lines 22-24
- $modversion['hasMain'] = 1 set by default in xoops_version.php
- slogo.png added
- README added

HACK - comment navigation bar with descriptions
Standard XOOPS navbar comes with no description. This hack adds a title and view type phrases.
version 207-040702
Hacked comment navigation bar - descriptions added

HACK - Kashubian character buttons
Buttons for inserting Kashubian characters added to XOOPS editor. This is a modification of a Romanian hack RoKeys.
version 207-040702
HACK - buttons for inserting Kashubian characters added